APAC REITs in a rising rate environment

Fed’s rate On the 16th of March, Fed chair Jerome Powell mentioned the US economy is very strong and well-positioned to handle a tighter monetary policy, following a decision to hike rates by 25bps. Despite its hawkish stance, the Fed lowered its year-end GDP growth expectation from 4% to 2.8% and increased its inflation expectationContinue reading “APAC REITs in a rising rate environment”

China Tech Crackdown, a short-term pain for a new growth phase?

The crackdown on the China Tech sector and ongoing concerns of delisting in the US markets has caused Chinese equities to fall significantly since its February peak this year. Investors have been left confused and panicked especially as the media continues to increase coverage on the crackdown. In this article, we will share the backstory,Continue reading “China Tech Crackdown, a short-term pain for a new growth phase?”