China Tech Crackdown, a short-term pain for a new growth phase?

The crackdown on the China Tech sector and ongoing concerns of delisting in the US markets has caused Chinese equities to fall significantly since its February peak this year. Investors have been left confused and panicked especially as the media continues to increase coverage on the crackdown. In this article, we will share the backstory,Continue reading “China Tech Crackdown, a short-term pain for a new growth phase?”

Fund in Focus: JP Morgan China A-share Opportunities

By: Unit Trust Marketing & Research TeamAll data as of end Jul 2021 unless otherwise stated China widened its tech crackdown in end July, unveiling an overhaul of the tech education sector, leaving affected companies scrambling to pivot their business to survive under the new rules. Under the new regulations, companies that teach the schoolContinue reading “Fund in Focus: JP Morgan China A-share Opportunities”